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Planning for Your Doctor Appointments

Get the most out of your time during your next phone, video, or in-person appointment by:

  • Setting clear priorities, because time may be limited
  • Preparing up-to-date information that you can reference during your appointment
  • Talking to your doctor about specific recommendations for testing and monitoring
  • Ensuring your tech is squared away for virtual appointments, which includes checking your connection, adjusting your settings, and having all links and platforms open and updated.
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Customizable tools to help you manage your Fabry:

Discussion Driver
Fabry Discussion Driver

Be prepared for your next doctor appointment with this interactive discussion guide.

Fabry Tracker

My Fabry Tracker

Download here

Stay up to date on the tests and assessments that can help monitor your Fabry disease with this convenient tracker.

Fabry Effects Checklist

Fabry Effects Checklist

Download here

Record your symptoms with this printable checklist that you can reference during your next appointment with your doctor.

Educational Resources


An Amicus-sponsored site to meet others living with Fabry disease and to watch videos on how Fabry works.

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